pITTSBURGH cOLLISION & rECONSTRUCTION sERVICES, llC is a professional consulting Firm specializing in commercial vehicle crash reconstruction.

Our coverage areas include:

Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky.

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Vehicle Inspections are an essential part of the Crash Reconstruction process. PCARS has certified Inspection Mechanics, Certified MCSAP Inspectors and has processed thousands of cars and trucks.

Damage documentation can:

  • Determine Vehicle Position during the crash
  • Be used in speed calculations
  • Determine mechanical failure

Proper inspection of a Commercial Motor Vehicle will determine:

  • Is the truck compliant with the FMCSR's?
  • Are the brakes working?
  • Is there enough braking force to stop the vehicle? 

Only through proper inspection can this data be obtained and utilized in the reconstruction.