pITTSBURGH cOLLISION & rECONSTRUCTION sERVICES, llC is a professional consulting Firm specializing in commercial vehicle crash reconstruction.

Our coverage areas include:

Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky.

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Accident  Reconstruction expert services

Proper documentation of a scene is important for a successful Crash Reconstruction. Physical evidence or lack of physical evidence can be key to explain the why. Crash scene evidence can disappear quickly, so immediate contact to PCARS is essential. 

Let our professional Certified Investigators and Reconstructionist document the scene for:

  • Skid Marks
  • Yaw marks
  • Gouge Marks
  • Scrape Marks
  • Debris
  • Sight Line Obstructions

All evidence will be documented, photographed and measured.