pITTSBURGH cOLLISION & rECONSTRUCTION sERVICES, llC is a professional consulting Firm specializing in commercial vehicle crash reconstruction.

Our coverage areas include:

Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky.

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Accident Reconstruction  expert Services

Pittsburgh Collision and Reconstruction Services LLC is a professional consulting firm dedicated to the independent review and reconstruction of motor vehicle crashes. PCARS specializes in Commercial Vehicle crashes and has the tools and equipment to image truck engine ECM's as well as motor vehicle Airbag Control Modules. PCARS also has a certified MCSAP  inspector who performs DOT inspections. Our services are available nationwide for Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Private Commercial Carriers. 

Daniel P. Connolly retired from the City of Pittsburgh, Bureau of Police and was the supervisor of the Collision Investigation Unit and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit. He is an ACTAR Accredited Reconstructionist with 27 years of experience in reconstructing crashes involving Heavy and Light Trucks, Passenger Cars, Motorcycles, Pedestrians and Motorcoaches. He also holds certifications in MCSAP Inspection, General HAZMAT Inspection, Passenger Carrying Vehicle Inspection and is a certified Pennsylvania State Inspection Mechanic. Dan has been recognized as an Expert in Crash Reconstruction in Federal Court as well as Pennsylvania Commonwealth and District Courts.

Let our years of experience work for you.